Notch on the iPhone of 2021: New Rumors Around It

Notch on the iPhone of 2021

We have already been warning that the month of January is usually one of the most rumors of new iPhones, even getting to know a good part of its design. It happened with the iPhone 11, with the iPhone 12 and it looks like it will happen with the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12s as it has been rumored to be called). In this article we review the latest report in which new clues are given of what Apple will bring at the end of this year in the mobile phone market.

Changes in the notch practically confirmed

Every year since 2017, the year in which the notch was released on the iPhone X, it has been commented that Apple’s flagship device would reduce or even eliminate this particular notch on the screen. However, we have never before had so much certainty about it, since there are many reports that predict it for 2021 and prestigious Apple analysts already take it for granted. The latest Digitimes report only confirms what is already on the way to being an open secret: the iPhone notch of 2021 will be smaller . Or at least that is how it will be in some of its ‘Pro’ versions, since it is expected that again we will not see a single device, but up to four divided into the mini model, the standard, the small ‘Pro’ model and the ‘Pro Max’ .

iphone 12 notch renders supuestos

The notch of the iPhone 13 could look like the second model in the image

In fact, this change in the notch would be accompanied by an improvement in Face ID . This facial unlocking system is precisely the culprit that this eyebrow continues to exist on the iPhone, since in order to have a precision and efficiency like the one it has, it needs to locate its sensors in that part with a little margin of reduction. According to the aforementioned report from Asia, Apple would have found a solution to this with the integration of one of the sensors in the same camera module as if it were a LiDAR sensor, which will allow them to reduce the size of the notch. To what extent will this reduction be? It is too early to tell, but it will be somewhat noticeable and more so in larger models where it will have an even smaller visual appearance.

Touch ID back to iPhone this year

The era of masks has brought consequences in Apple that they already had discarded, such as resuming their projects to install a fingerprint sensor under the iPhone screen. This is a technology that they already explored a few years ago so that it was the iPhone X that incorporated it first, however it was discarded even when the competition began to introduce these sensors with great efficiency. The report that we are commenting on does not speak about this, but we remember it for being another of the possible novelties of the iPhone this year. It will be necessary to see how this system coexists with Face ID and if all the models integrate it under the screen or if, on the contrary, they add it to the unlock button in any of them, something that we have already seen in the iPad Air 2020.

Touch ID iPhone

Camera improvements for all models

The rear cameras of the standard and ‘mini’ iPhone models this year will incorporate the same 7P lens module as indicated from Digitimes. Where if they say there will be improvements is in the ‘Pro’ models, which would add an improvement in the image sensor that, among other improvements, will offer better resolutions to the photographs . In fact, the latter would have some change in the design of the cameras, although not in the rest of the models. We remember that the LiDAR sensor could now reach all iPhones as already mentioned several weeks ago, so we will have to be attentive to the reports in case some kind of improvement is suggested.

We remember that September is the month in which new iPhones are presented, or at least most of the time, therefore it is what we would lack to officially see these phones. No delays are expected either in the presentation event or in the launches, something that did happen last year due to the pandemic. However, the company is not expected to forward information of any kind, so we still have 9 months of incessant rumors, leaks and other information about what will be the most anticipated devices of the brand year.

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