OPPO A5: Covers to Protect it from Bumps and Scratches

No matter how little money it is worth, a mobile is always an investment to protect during its useful life. And today we look at some covers for one of the cheapest OPPO phones, such as the OPPO A5 2020 . A phone that is close to 100 euros in cost, but that is equally necessary to protect.

There are as many covers as there are types of users, since the form and protection they offer depends a lot on the use that we are going to give the phone on a day-to-day basis. In this case, the important thing is not precisely whether it is one color or another, but what is the type of protection and differential factors it offers.

Rugerized and with clamp

This case has undoubtedly been designed to be able to take the OPPO A5 with us anywhere, no matter how extreme the excursion, since it has a special and rugged protection. With it protection against the strongest blows is guaranteed. But it not only offers this protection, but also a practical clip with which we can carry the phone attached to the waist on those occasions where we need to have it on hand for when necessary.

Fundas OPPO A5

With Smart View

This cover offers us comprehensive protection thanks to its book design that completely protects the terminal screen when closed. In addition, it is magnetic, so it closes perfectly even if we drop it on the panel. But the most striking thing is the small window in the upper corner , which allows you to see the screen, for example the clock, when necessary, without having to open the case.

Fundas OPPO A5

360 degree protection

This cover also offers us comprehensive protection like the previous one. But unlike this we are talking about a transparent silicone case, which allows to show off the design of this phone. They are actually two covers that are superimposed one on top of the other, in order to protect both the front and the back and the sides at the same time. In addition, despite the screen being covered, it is fully compatible with touch control.

Fundas OPPO A5

Pack of seven sleeves

A classic of these compilations, since with this pack we get no less than seven covers for the price of one . These are silicone covers of different colors. The pack consists of sleeves in black, navy blue, red, green, pink, yellow and gray. Without a doubt one of the best choices, taking into account that with the price of one we can have a different cover for each day of the week.

Fundas OPPO A5

Rugged and magnetic

Another classic of these collections, a case that completely protects our phone, with a thick and soft profile to absorb shocks on any occasion. It also offers us a ring that serves as a base, as well as a magnetic area, just inside this ring, which allows us to place the phone on any magnetic support for the car, on the dashboard.

Fundas OPPO A5


Without a doubt one of the most striking finishes when we talk about covers. Since it allows us to completely protect this phone, also its screen, in addition to having a most attractive design. Since in this case it is finished in a plastic material that simulates a colored mirror.

Fundas OPPO A5

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