Pale Moon 29: News and Download of the Browser Based on Firefox

Although many may not know it, there is life beyond Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge. On the web we can find the perfect browser for each one, whatever our needs. If we search a bit, it is very easy to find other browsers specially designed to offer a new and different browsing experience, either by offering more functions such as simplifying the process or speeding up the navigation. One of these alternative browsers is Pale Moon , who has just released a new version: 29.

Pale Moon is an open source web browser based on Firefox. But not in the Firefox that we all know, but in the original Mozilla browser, long before the change to Quantum and many other changes that have only managed to confront and separate their community. This browser selects all the features with great care in order to offer users the best possible experience, both in terms of security and performance and stability.

Pale Moon 29: News and Download

Some of its characteristics are:

  • Optimized for modern processors.
  • Based on Mozilla’s Unified XUL Platform (UXP) versions and using the Goanna engine.
  • It has the latest fixes and security patches from Mozilla.
  • It does not have telemetry or spy on users.
  • Support for NPAPI plugins, like Flash or java.

Now, in order to continue growing, its developers have just launched the new version 29 of the browser, the first update of 2021 with which it intends to face the 3 giants of the network.

What’s new in Pale Moon 29

Although the goal of the developers was to be able to add the Google WebComponents , this new version still comes without them. We will have to wait a little longer before we can see them. In return, we can find a good number of changes focused on improving the operation and performance of the browser, as well as correcting errors.

One of the most important novelties that we find with this browser is the support for the AV1 codec . Thanks to it, we will be able to see all kinds of streaming content much better, especially from Netflix and Disney Plus.

Linux users are celebrating, as it is finally based on GTK3 instead of still using GTK2. And initial support for FreeBSD is also introduced.

Another important novelty comes in the form of a new flag: browser.tabs.allowTabDetach . If we mark this flag as “FALSE” we will block the tabs in the tab bar, and we will not be able to drag them out to create a new browser window. If we leave it as “TRUE”, then yes we can do it.

Its developers have fixed a good number of bugs and errors detected in the browser, as well as eliminating a large amount of Android-related code and some unnecessary functions such as the Storage Manager API.

We can see the complete list of changes on their website .

Download and update

Users who already have this browser installed can update to the new version very easily with just a couple of clicks. Just go to the Help> About Pale Moon menu, and as other browsers do, it will look for new versions and, if there are any, it will download and install them automatically. We don’t have to do anything else.

If we have not yet installed this browser on our PC, we can download the latest version of it, for 32 or 64 bits, from this link .

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