PC Manufacturers: The Main Brands You Can Find

PC Manufacturers: The Main Brands

When you want to buy a PC , not everyone has the skill, knowledge, or patience to assemble one piece by piece, preferring to turn to OEM equipment from a reputable manufacturer. Therefore, in this article you will find a list of the main OEM PC manufacturers that exist in the market in 2021, and from which you can buy your equipment already pre-assembled and, in most cases, with the operating system already installed. so you don’t have to worry about anything.

There are many hardware manufacturers on the market, but as you will see below, the list of PC manufacturers that sell pre-assembled equipment is not that extensive. However, you should also bear in mind that most manufacturers have different versions of their equipment and, in fact, most have a configurator that will allow you to choose some parts of their hardware such as the processor or the amount of RAM.

Top OEM PC Manufacturers in 2021

This list is not ordered from best to worst but simply alphabetically, so that you can quickly find the brands that make OEM equipment.



ACER is one of the longest-established manufacturers selling OEM PCs. They have models of all types and colors, and of course you can find powerful gaming-oriented equipment; The bad part of this manufacturer is that as a general rule it uses non-standard formats for both the power supply and the motherboard, so if you have a problem you will have no choice but to resort to the brand itself to carry out the repair.



ASUS is one of the hardware manufacturers that covers the most categories, and of course preconfigured PCs cannot be missing. In this case, and although the manufacturer has a catalog that covers a little of everything, it stands out for its gaming-oriented equipment, with powerful processors and graphics cards, although, as happens in almost all OEM PCs, they suffer from cooling and as for the quality of your power supply.


Corsair PC

Corsair, like ASUS, is one of the manufacturers that covers the most categories in the world of hardware, but in the case of the PCs it sells, they are totally customized, from the box to the cooling system. Thus, the Corsair One have a compact but very efficient design and undoubtedly stand out for its top-of-the-range hardware that will not disappoint even the most demanding users.


Dell PC

Dell’s OEM PC portfolio is one of the broadest and most customizable out there. You have from mini PCs to servers going through a wide range of intermediate models, and it will be difficult for you not to find a model that meets your needs. This manufacturer stands out for its good guarantee policy and the efficiency of its technical service, but we warn you that as a general rule its pre-assembled equipment is usually quite noisy. Of course, the well-known Alienware brand of gaming equipment belongs to Dell.



HP cannot be missing from a list of the most recognized PC manufacturers, and it also incorporates a wide catalog of products among which we can find from cheap PCs for office automation to authentic high-end gaming equipment. Options will not be lacking.


Lenovo PC

Lenovo is quite similar to HP in the preconfigured PC catalog sense. Their ThinkCentre workstations stand out, of great quality and very good durability, as well as their Legion range of gaming equipment. As for the ThinkCentre we also warn you that they are quite noisy, but in the Legion they have taken more care of this aspect and present good cooling with a low noise level.


Medion PC

Medion is one of the best-selling PC manufacturers on the market, and this is because it is one of the cheapest. In return, their equipment does not stand out precisely for having a good quality or providing a low noise level because in fact its cooling system and power supply leave a lot to be desired. All in all, you will get a decent level of performance at low prices.



MSI exclusively manufactures gaming equipment and has them in all kinds of sizes and formats. They are high-performance equipment but they have the downside that as their formats are customized, so are the boxes and power supplies, so you will have to go to the manufacturer in case of breakdown, you will not be able to change most of the parts for your account.


Zotac PC

Zotac is well known for its graphics cards, but it also makes OEM PCs under the ZBOX family. In this case, they are exclusively mini PCs, but they meet all expectations for both office automation and gaming.

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