Photos in ProRAW of iPhone 12 Pro for Instagram

The great difference between the standard iPhone and the iPhone ‘Pro’ of recent years lies in the fact that the latter are more focused on professional photography, without detracting from the great gifts of the others. In the current generation, the ProRAW image format was also introduced , which considerably improves the quality of photos taken with both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Instagram has now added support for this format, although with some limitations.

Instagram and iPhone 12 Pro ProRAW

Officially, Instagram now supports ProRAW

Last October, at the presentation event for the new iPhone, Apple announced ProRAW as one of the great novelties of its higher-end phones. However, we had to wait until the iOS 14.3 update released a week ago to have it available. Although Instagram is perhaps not the best application in which to share photos of the best quality due to the tablet it makes, one of its developers announced that the popular social network owned by Facebook already supports this new format of photographs from the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

Tim Johnsen, one of Instagram’s developers, announced a few days ago via his Twitter account that the iOS application should be receiving support for the ProRAW format very soon. Indeed, this was the case and today we can confirm the existence of such compatibility.

Of course, when photographer Gannon Burgett wanted to know something more about it, Johnsen confirmed one of the  limitations of Instagram in these cases and that is that what the application really does is convert the ProRAW DNG format into JPEG. That is why he recommended using a photo editing app prior to sharing photos in this format on the social network. Of course, if the final result has a high weight it will be reduced to 25 MB, although it is stated that it could even reach 40 MB in some cases.

Remember how to take photos in this format

In order to take photos in this format, you must not only have an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max, but you must also be on the aforementioned iOS 14.3, which is currently the latest software version available. Once this is done, you must verify in Settings> Camera that this functionality is enabled. Once you have made sure you have this format activated, you should use the native camera app and in the upper right you should see “RAW” as an indication that this function is enabled. Otherwise you will see “JPEG”.

RAW iPhone 12 Pro

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