Playtomic: App to Play Paddle Tennis, Tennis, Soccer and Other Sports

If you are a sports enthusiast, be more or less professional in it, surely you like to practice it frequently. Playtomic is among those applications that you need to know if you want to have the ability to practice it at any time, since it offers intriguing possibilities that we will examine in this app. Do you attempt to discover it?

Developers and app expense

Playtomic SL has produced this application suitable with iPhone and iPad, being offered in the App Shop for free download. It need to be noted that it requires having iOS 12 or a later version, so this will not be a problem for the most part. In any case there is also an app for Android It should be said that all the management of the app is totally free, that is, you will not have to pay subscriptions for definitely nothing. We will speak about the payments that the in-app contains in another area, in which you will understand that it makes a great deal of sense that they exist.


Playtomic main functions

The basic objective of this application is to join countless athletes to play matches with each other, for which they have agreements with a wide range of sports clubs throughout Spain that make their centers offered to users. Imagine you want to play a video game of tennis, however you have no buddies to have fun with right now and you don’t even belong to do it. Well, with this app you can search for competitors and a close-by track to reserve throughout a particular duration.

Playtomic App Store

Obviously this is not just to play with strangers, since if your good friends have this application installed you can create games with them. The good thing is that it can be utilized on any day of the year, as long as the sports clubs you wish to access are open. It is not possible to develop video games in personal areas such as urbanizations, although it is not a pertinent disadvantage considering the number of associated clubs.

Safe and secure payment methods

We talked in the first area of some in-app purchases that Playtomic has and we need to speak about them. Payments are made the moment a court or court is reserved to use. The prices at the end will depend on what each sports club establishes. The good idea about all this is that you can pay securely with a card and even with systems like PayPal. You can likewise produce your own account in the app and recharge the balance, acquiring a series of perks if you follow this approach. As a last part to highlight is that you can choose the option that each player is charged their share when scheduling a track, something particularly impressive when having fun with complete strangers.

Pagos Playtomic

Sports available in the app

Among the strengths of Playtomic is that you can search for rivals and matches for different sports. These are all offered at the time of publishing this note:

  • Paddle
  • Tennis
  • Soccer 11
  • Soccer 7
  • Indoor football
  • Padbol
  • Squash
  • Badminton

Rivals and experience level

Like you, each gamer you find on Playtomic will have a particular profile. Beyond the typical data such as name or even photograph, the level of experience that everyone has in each of the sports will be included, which will be automatically created by the app with a series of questions that it will ask you. You will also be able to see what level each person has within the application itself, along with contact them through a private chat that is used.

Playtomic interfaz

It is likewise striking to be able to discover a international ranking in which you can climb positions as you score your victories, although we advise you not to cheat and also note your beats so that whatever is more reasonable and enjoyable. This will also create a series of public and private data that you can speak with at any time.

There are likewise classes with coaches


There are specific sports such as tennis or paddle tennis that require training, particularly when you are a novice. In Playtomic you can likewise find coaches with whom to arrange classes, either to start because specific sport or to enhance your video game. This likewise has an expense within the app, although like signing up with parties, it can also be done securely.

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