PS5 Now Warns about the Correct Version of the Game

PlayStation 5

Among the biggest problems that users are experiencing with the new generation is the mix of games that exists in virtual stores. If you already had a game on PS4, the backwards compatibility of PS5 will permit you to play it without issues, nevertheless, there might be another alternative available, since the game could be available in an improved version for PS5. But, how does the user understand of its presence?


  • PS5 now notifies you to updated versions
  • Do you wish to play the PS5 variation?
  • What are the advantages of enhanced variations of PS5?

PS5 now notifies you to upgraded versions

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After the launch of PS5, those users who wanted to play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War felt somewhat disappointed when they saw the graphics that the video game revealed. The reason was none besides running the incorrect variation, as many were playing the PS4 version without understanding it.

It is a problem that comes from a poor execution, because users are limited to rapidly evaluate their library without looking closely, much less searching for a particular variation of the video game. In between that, and the issues that the store itself suffered, the gaming experience was not perfect, but it appears that Sony has actually applied a basic modification that will assist prevent future confusion.

Do you want to play the PS5 version?

PS5 menu

As confirmed and shown by Twitter user Tidux, the PlayStation 5 user interface will now inform you when you try to run a game on its PS4 version. In case you do so and there is a specific version of PS5, the user interface will introduce a message caution you that you are going to proceed to open or run the PS4 version, inviting you to change to the appropriate version of PS5 to squeeze the optimum power of the console.

Thanks to this easy message, players will have the ability to understand precisely if they are running the correct version, given that opening the PS4 variation would not make the most of the console’s abilities as the designers would have prepared.

What are the advantages of improved variations of PS5?

PS5 ventilation

The very best that this kind of variation offers are apparent, because the video games use a greater quantity of textures to offer graphics with more information and realism. In addition, we would take advantage of ray tracing innovation, with which to take pleasure in reflections of different types of light treatment in genuine time, in addition to enjoying exceptionally fast loads with which to start playing right away.

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