Razer Naga Chroma User Manual Guide

Razer Naga Chroma User Manual Guide

Razer Naga Chroma User Manual Master GuideRazer Naga Chroma uses a hard-textured surface for the palm area, extending to the main mouse button. This is a right hand mouse and this top surface has a scroll wheel (with tilt function), two DPI buttons, and a Razer logo. Turning the mouse round we can see the front grills which provide some additional force and that the wires come out of the center of the mouse. The dimensions of the Dragon Chroma are 119x75x43mm.

Naga Chroma, as the name suggests, offers a Chroma lighting system that is arguably one of the most full and dynamic RGB lighting we can see. That’s not the only change, it’s also equipped with the same true 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor found in the Mamba Tournament Edition and is considered one of the most sophisticated laser sensors available.

Razer Naga Chroma User Manual Guide

The only new feature brought by Naga Epic Chroma is the ability to adjust color options. (Previous dragons were all green, all the time.) Players can control color and brightness for wired and wireless modes, choose colors separately for scroll wheels and buttons, and even synchronize color options with compatible Chroma keyboards.

How to use the “Surface Calibration” tool

The Automatic Calibration feature is available on certain Razer mouse models. The automatic calibration feature on the mouse is set to “ON” by default. When you plug your mouse into your system, your mouse must be on the surface you want to use your mouse to calibrate properly on that surface. The distance to where you want the mouse to bypass tracking can be adjusted via the software package that is included with the mouse.

Note: First, check that your Razer mouse has a Surface Calibration feature before trying anything.

How to use Macro on-the-fly on Razer Mice and Keyboard

On-the-fly macro recording allows users to record long macros in the game, without having to access the driver menu or other software. For example, you can press the “Record Macro” button and enter the spell sequence in “World of Warcraft” to the specified button. The same spell sequence can then be executed automatically with the actuation of that one button.

How to use multi-color on a mouse

This is a common problem for Razer mice with a calibration feature designed to function on surfaces with a certain degree of uniformity. You can turn off the calibration feature or switch to a non-multi-colored mouse pad. You can check our mouse mats to find enough options. Check your mouse’s specifications to find out if it has a calibration feature and if the problem persists, contact our Online Chat Support.

How to update Razer Synapse

  1. check for Synapse updates through Settings
  2. Check for updates
  3. If the update cannot run or Synapse cannot load, uninstall the Synapse and download the latest Synapse Framework

How to Setup/Install

  • Open Razer Synapse.
  • Select your connected Razer computer Mice & Mats.
  • Pick the Macros menu header.
  • Strike “+” to put in a new macro.
  • Decide how you want the delay between keystrokes to be listed:
    • Record delay — Records delay after recording.
    • Default delay — Place delay utilized between keystrokes.
    • No delay — Synapse will not have some delay between keystrokes.
  • Hit listing and trigger keys at the desired sequence.
  • Select stop when you are done.
  • Pick the Keyboard menu header.
  • Select the key you would like to get utilized for your macro.
  • Choose the drop-down menu.
  • Pick” Macro.”
  • Change “assign macro” into the one that you just made.
  • Select the desired playback choice.

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Razer Naga Chroma. Razer Synapse 2.0 software, which performs well for this device as is the case for other Razer mice. Synapse 2.0 makes it easy for you to program each Chroma Dragon button, and link individual profiles to specific games.

All color options work well, but this raises the question of whether this feature makes the Epic Chroma Dragon worth overall more than its predecessor. In my estimation, having some pretty lights doesn’t improve the product quickly exceeds the previous limit, but wireless options might.

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