Razer Turret for Xbox One User Manual Guide

Razer Turret for Xbox One User Manual Master Guide Support. Razer Turret (Xbox One edition) is a definite step forward from the original. Razer’s special switches aren’t for everyone, but they are more than enough to play competitive games. This, coupled with an improved mouse and large mat, makes it a good choice for players sitting on the couch.

This is a Razer product, so naturally the Turret is decorated with RGB lighting. However, Xbox One users will not have access to Razer Synapse, so adjustments are somewhat limited. Through the Razer Turret application on the Xbox store, you can change the color and lighting effects of RGB, but you can’t create your own special layout like on a PC.

Mechanical mouse and keyboard combo, designed for Xbox One but also functional on a PC, has an excellent design, expandable mouse mat, full size mouse and good battery life. Whether you want to play Xbox One games with a mousepad or just want to play on the couch, Razer Turret is a premium and directed option that can make sofa gamers feel as though they are being taken seriously.

The wireless connectivity during my test was flawless in living room settings (about 10 feet from the system), free of lag and inaccuracy. Razer also promises impressive battery life: up to 50 hours from the mouse and 40 from the keyboard, at least with all lights turned off. With all the lights on, you will get about 20 from the mouse and 10 from the keyboard, which should be enough for all but the longest marathon session.

How to update Razer PBT Keycaps keys

The Razer PBT key card is made of Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), the most difficult material used in keyboards. PBT key cards will not wear out and develop a shiny surface over time, even after years of use. To achieve this endurance, we developed our own precision double-shot printing method, which also allows us to produce our typical Razer fonts, the thinnest fonts seen on PBT keycaps.

Keycaps are suitable on the keyboard where Razer PBT

While designed primarily for the Razer keyboard, the Razer PBT Keycaps will fit most mechanical keyboards that use a cross-axis switch. The Razer PBT key card also includes a comprehensive set of keys covering the US and UK layout.

How to change the Razer keyboard keycaps

  1. Using the included keycap puller, gently release the keycap from your keyboard.
  2. For a more stable typing experience, enter the necessary stabilizers on larger key cards such as the shift key and enter from your PBT keycap upgrade set.
  3. Push the Razer PBT keycap firmly on your keyboard.

How to clean Razer keyboard

Before cleaning, we discuss removing the device from your computer. If you want to keep it under the lock button, Razer asks to hold the unit upside down and / or use compressed air from the can. The overall finish can be completed with a tissue that is commonly used to monitor your computer or sunglasses. Please make the surface free of large dust particles or dirt before wiping the surface with any product. Wiping debris off the surface can cause small scratches on the surface of the unit.

  • Note: Under no circumstances do you need to immerse the keyboard in any type of liquid. Soaking the keyboard in any liquid will void the warranty on your keyboard.

How to Setup/Install

  • Open Razer Synapse 3.
  • Select your connected Razer computer keyboard.
  • Pick the Macros menu header.
  • Strike “+” to put in a new macro.
  • Decide how you want the delay between keystrokes to be listed:
    • Record delay — Records delay after recording.
    • Default delay — Place delay utilized between keystrokes.
    • No delay — Synapse will not have some delay between keystrokes.
  • Hit listing and trigger keys at the desired sequence.
  • Select stop when you are done.
  • Pick the Keyboard menu header.
  • Select the key you would like to get utilized for your macro.
  • Choose the drop-down menu.
  • Pick”Macro.”
  • Change “assign macro” into the one that you just made.
  • Select the desired playback choice.

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