Reasons Firefox is Better than Chrome in 2021

As the years go by and the Web becomes a more vital part of our lives, web browsers gain in value. Hence, every time we use them for longer, be it Chrome, Firefox, Edge or any other.

It holds true that at the minute we can opt for an excellent variety of really intriguing applications of this same type. At a time when we might say that the new Edge is the most present proposal, and with a clear leadership of Chrome, we can not leave out Mozilla’s Firefox

Reasons Firefox is Better than Chrome in 2021

This has actually been for several years the second most used proposition of this type in the world, but it has not accomplished its primary goal. This was none besides attempting to get closer to Google’s software, Chrome, since it has actually managed to keep its distance. We can not forget that this program has a market penetration of around 70%, which is not little. Therefore, offering it scope for the remainder of the competitors is not a simple task at all. In truth options such as the aforementioned Firefox, in some cases it is even better than what the sector leader can present us, as we are going to speak with you next.

However the huge majority of Internet users, for one reason or another, still cling to the software application of the search giant, although often exploring can offer us more than one surprise.

Firefox personal privacy

One of the main objectives that Mozilla has set itself from the beginning of Firefox, was to take care of the personal privacy of its users For this, over time it has actually been carrying out new functions connected to all this. With this, what is planned is that those who opt for this proposal, do not fear that the business will make undesirable use of navigation data. In truth, this is among the main problems that much of the fans of Chrome present regarding specific practices of Google with their job. Mozilla has constantly wanted to stand out in this regard.

Consumption of resources

In addition, another of the most typical problems that numerous present with respect to other alternatives to surf the Internet, is the high intake of resources. Here special recommendation is made to the RAM memory of the PC. For that reason, Mozilla has actually been working hard for a long period of time, all in order to prevent its program from falling under this exact same mistake, or at least not in such a major way.

Unique extensions

A very essential aspect in this kind of program in specific is its extensions. These are little software aspects that we add to the internet browser itself in order to increase its functionality and security in some aspects. It is true that programs of this type that are based on Chromium have a lot more extensions offered than those we can use in Firefox. However, here we will find a few of these really fascinating special add-ons that we will not see in the rest of the programs and that will make us get hooked on Firefox.

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