Rumors of iOS 15 and Concept Video, Will This Be What Apple Launches?

Rumors of iOS 15 and Concept Video

We still have very recent all the features of iOS 14 that are also expanding with the intermediate versions. However, there are those who already have the future iOS 15 in mind, the next big update that will come to Apple’s iPhone in September 2021. Of course, we will be able to meet it before at WWDC 2021 which, except for surprises, will be held in the month of June. We analyze below a curious video with the possible most outstanding news.


  • They are just concepts, but it looks great
  • Will the ‘macOSification’ of iOS arrive?
  • Enhanced notifications needed
  • Always On Display, maybe, but not for everyone

They are just concepts, but it looks great

As before the official presentation of a new iPhone we can find dozens of renders in images and videos, the same has happened in recent years with important versions of software such as iOS 15. Some are tremendously realistic and pose it as such that it could perfectly pass for an official video of the Cupertino company. The concept video that we analyze in this note was uploaded to the amdix YouTube channel and although it is not one of the most spectacular, it is one of the ones that offers more interesting news.

Will the ‘macOSification’ of iOS arrive?

When the new version of macOS Big Sur for Mac was presented, we all saw a more than reasonable resemblance to iOS and iPadOS, especially in points such as the Control Center or the widgets. However, the icons have changed completely, offering a three-dimensional ‘neuropathic’ style. This was strange considering that what Apple wanted was to show visual similarities between its different devices. Therefore, the door has been opened for iOS 15 to propose a reform of its icons that left them more similar to those of macOS and, then yes, we find the same graphic line. This video shows it like this even with the widgets.

iconos macos big sur

Enhanced notifications needed

Choosing between iOS and Android is more and more a matter of personal taste, since in the end both operating systems are already tremendously mature. One of the points that in the end stand out the most in Google’s operating system and that many Apple fans demand is the issue of notifications. Although the latest versions of iOS have been improved, they continue to miss certain improvements that make them more efficient and manageable. It is precisely in this video that an improvement of these is also proposed. It will come true?

Always On Display, maybe, but not for everyone

Another aspect that draws the attention of the video is the possibility of having the iPhone screen always on, offering a sleep mode in which only the time and the notification icons are displayed on the screen. We believe that this could come, but rather than being linked to iOS 15 it could be linked to the new iPhone of 2021 , at least the ‘Pro’ versions. It is already rumored that these phones would bring screen technology capable of taking advantage of functionalities like these without hardly consuming battery, similar to what happens in Apple Watch. Therefore it does not sound so crazy, although it would be only for these devices.

iPhone 13 render

There are still 6 months left in which we will continue to imagine what iOS 15 will be like and surely there will be some other information that makes us already have something safe. The software versions are not usually filtered unlike mobile devices, although in 2020 we had a mega filtration in which the alpha version (prior to the betas) of iOS 14 was fully known, thanks to which we learned the improvement of widgets among other novelties. Will the same happen with iOS 15?

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