Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020: Release Date, Price, and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020: Release Date, Price, and Specs. Here comes the time to discuss the newest gift from Samsung for its most valuable customers named “Samsung Galaxy Oxygen”. It’s a combination of old feelings with the newest technology. It is designed to reach the customers who want to go to old days obviously with the latest service.

Before the discussion about the Samsung upcoming flagship device Galaxy Oxygen 2020 features & Price, we inform you that, this is a rumors device, which is not available in the local mobile market. We expect that we are sharing official news about the Galaxy Oxygen 2020 phone very soon. Wait and regularly visit our website.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 Specs

You might be eagerly waiting to hear the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen, which is must be released in 2020. Here we start. As we said before it’s a combination of technology and old day’s feelings so for sure you are going to experience something new.

The first thing we would like to uphold is the QWERTY keyboard. You might be thinking about the physical keyboard? Please don’t. Because it does not include the physical keyboard. The phone has two screens. The first one is the main screen and once you slide that screen you will see another screen in which you can use a keyboard. By the way, your screen fully HD with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. The displays will be protected by corning gorilla glass 7.

Inside the Samsung upcoming smartphone Galaxy Oxygen 2020, you will get an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset along with a huge 8/10GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy Oxygen has a storage system of 128GB/256GB. It’s up to you which one you want to pick. There is also a micro-SD card slot if you want to increase the storage.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 Security, Camera & Battery

Now, you might be thinking if the phone is waterproof or not? Okay, it’s fully waterproof. Not only waterproof actually, but it’s also totally dust-proof. This phone ensures the latest technology so that’s why it includes a fingerprint scanner. Once you give your fingerprint, it will hear only your words. No one can unlock the phone, obviously except you!

Let’s discuss about the camera facility. Samsung Galaxy Oxygen has a triple camera setup. That means it includes 36MP +24 MP +13 MP camera sensors. You can click the perfect with this phone. Even if it is night then the Dual LED flashlights are there to ensure enough light in your photo.

The camera also allows you to take a picture in the portrait mode, I mean if you want to make your background blur! Forgot to talk about the selfie camera! It includes a 42 MP front-facing camera for selfies. Whenever and where ever you want just to do a click and have your capture your perfect selfie.

After reading all these details you might be thinking about the battery facility of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen? Okay, please don’t be even a bit of tense. Because this specific phone has a 6100mAh battery. Obviously it is removable. For your better understanding let’s make the discussion direct. Once you charge the phone you will get up to 10 hours of talk time. Once you charge it uses it!

We know you might be thinking when it is going to be released. Let’s go for the releasing date. To be very honest we still didn’t receive any specific releasing date of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen. Yes, we managed to hear an expected date and that will be between June to July 2020. Please wait until the exact date is announced.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 Price

Please don’t be tensed. It’s not like Samsung will charge a huge amount of money for its Samsung Galaxy Oxygen. You have to pay only $670 ~ EUR550 ~ Rs. 42900 to have the newest gift from Samsung Company.