Samsung Galaxy S13: Release Date, Reviews, Price, and Specs

Samsung Galaxy S13: Release Date, Reviews, Price, and Specs. Another brand new gift from Samsung is just on the way for you. For sure, you have used so many phones of Samsung Band, so obviously you have a lot of expectations from the Korean Company. Samsung is always well aware of the fact that you always expect something new form them.

That’s why the Samsung Galaxy S13 flagship is there for you to satisfy all your demands and expectation. Once you use it, you will realize what an amazing piece Samsung just manufactured. At the very beginning let us know the releasing date of Samsung Galaxy S13 flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S13

Samsung Galaxy S13 Specs

We will start with the network technology of this phone. You might visit a lot of places and different places demand a different type of network technology. Samsung knows it very well that’s why this phone supports all the network technologies like GSM/ CDMA/ HSPA/ LTE/ 5G. Where ever you go, your phone will be always available to you.

Now let’s just talk about a special facility. This phone is totally waterproof. Not only that, GSM/ CDMA/ HSPA/ LTE/ 5G is IP68 Certified. Even if somehow you drop your phone into 2-meter deep water and the phone is continuously kept under this depth of water, still the phone will remain okay. Trust me!

Another special spec of Samsung Galaxy S13 flagship supports wireless charging support. Whenever you want to recharge it you don’t have to think of finding that long charger cable. Just start the recharging device and that’s it! By the way, this phone is super-fast when it comes about getting recharged. For sure a huge amount of your valuable time will be saved.

Time to talk about the security system. Samsung understands the value of your data and all. No matter what, those things matters a lot to you. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy S13 flagship includes a very updated security system. You will be able to set your finger print as your security code. After giving your finger print, your phone will be much secured than before.

No matter form which generation you belong, clicking your valuable memories will mean a lot to you. Samsung knows it very well. That’s why just like it’s every single phone, Samsung Galaxy S13 flagship has a very updated camera facility. It includes Rear Quad 48 MP + 24 MP + 20 MP + 16 MP back camera. Whenever you think you want to capture a moment you will be just ready to do that. Not only the back camera, but the front camera also includes a triple 32MP resolution.

Most importantly, the RAM and RAM is more than enough for you. This phone includes 12/14GB RAM, so that your phone can always remain super-fast. The ROM is about 512GB/1TB. You have the opportunity to buy the exact one according to your demand. Obviously you can save all your necessary things.

Samsung Galaxy S13 Price

Good things demand a better price. That’s why the price of Samsung Galaxy S13 flagship will start from $1140 ~ EUR1020 ~ Rs. 79500.

Samsung Galaxy S13 Release Date

You have to wait a bit for buying this phone. No official announcement is done yet, but somehow we heard that Samsung Galaxy S13 flagship will be released between May-August, 2021. Wait until it’s officially launched.