Samsung Galaxy Zero 2020: Release Date, Price, and News

Samsung Galaxy Zero 2020: Release Date, Price, and News. Time to go a step ahead in the phone technology. Yes exactly, Samsung is going to give you a new experience with its Samsung Galaxy Zero. Samsung always showed a path to others, it invented new technology which brought a huge change in the thinking of users. Just like that, Samsung Galaxy Zero 2020 is just a combination of the newest technology. It will include bezel-less design, zero buttons, zero ports and this phone just has any audio jackhole.

Samsung Galaxy Zero 2020

Samsung Galaxy Zero 2020 Specs

The first thing which is needed to be described is the bezel-less design. Samsung is working on this design for the time. They managed to bring the revolutionary change in their phone with their Samsung Galaxy Zero. Most importantly there will be a single notch I the screen. It’s going to be a new experience for you.

Let’s just go for the display. Samsung Galaxy Zero will have a 6.5 inches display which will give you great pleasure when you use it. Not only the size, but the display will also be presented with QHD resolution. For sure, the QHD resolution will ensure better quality while using this phone. Even the security system is also enough. Because the display will have a Gorilla Glass 7 protection. Not only on the front display but also in the back display.

Now we would like to go for the RAM and ROM facility. This phone might include a 10GB/12GB RAM facility which is going to be too good. The ROM is something special. Because this phone will include a ROM and the size will be 1 Terabyte. This huge size will give you the freedom to install and save so many things according to your wish.

Samsung Galaxy Zero Camera, Battery, Sensor Facility

The Camera! You will find so many people saying too many good things about their camera. Now for the very first time, Samsung Galaxy Zero is going to bring a huge change in the phone camera sector. What Samsung Galaxy Zero will include? 52MP primary sensor, 16MP ultra-wide angle sensor, 8MP RGB sensor and a 5MP telephoto lens.

Those things will ensure a wide range of photography and you will become a photographer without having that kind of knowledge about photography. Oh yes, you can also click selfies with this phone. This phone will include a 23-megapixel camera front camera. You can capture your selfie with perfect resolution.

It is heard that this phone will be the world’s first hole less phone. You will get another way to charge your phone. Most probably the phone will have a wireless charging facility. Even you don’t have to connect the headphone jack because this phone might include Bluetooth facility.

This phone won’t have any buttons. Even you won’t get any button for increasing the volume of the phone. There will be a sensor on the right side of the phone and if you want to increase/decrease your sound you have to slide a bit in the sensor.

Like other phones, this phone won’t any fixed space for giving the fingerprint. You have to give your fingerprint for unlocking your phone. This will make the unlocking process a bit easier for you.

Samsung Galaxy Zero Price

The price of Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone Galaxy Zero 2020 will be approximately $1399/ ₤ 1349/ 98,499 Rupees.

Samsung Galaxy Zero 2020 Release Date

It is heard that Galaxy Zero phone might get released in the last month of 2025.