Smartband: Hoaxes and Truths about Activity Bracelets

Smartbands are one of the ideal companions of our mobile. These wearables can be synchronized with our device and offer us a complete record of all our physical activity. As you are surely launching a new smartband thanks to their Majesties the Magi of the East, we are going to take a look at the myths and truths that always surround the operation of these bracelets.

Within the smartband market, we frequently talk about the Xiaomi Mi Band, but Samsung, Huawei, FitBit or other brands that we have not heard of, have more than interesting options in the market. Now that you are launching smartband, let’s take a look at what we consider, is more interesting and you should know about your smartband.

The bracelet counts more steps than normal

We are facing one of the statements, which although they sound like a myth, is a reality in a large majority of the smartbands on the market. The bracelets can be more or less precise, but they base their data on the movement of our wrist. This means that in general they will count the steps upwards, due to certain movements of the wrist that will be counted as steps.

pasos mi band

We should not be scared if we have not started walking and a few steps have already been counted . We should not believe that the bracelet is broken or not working properly, as it is normal. Some manufacturers launch updates to try to improve the precision, worse in generating is usually a pending issue.

Submersible, but for everything?

Most smartbands have some kind of protection against water. Whether mere splashing or submersible to several tens of meters, in most cases liquid damage will not be covered by warranty. This means that if we use it frequently for swimming, be it in the pool or the sea and a problem arises, we could have difficulties to enforce the guarantee.

mi band 4 nadar

They are harder than mobile

That they are smaller and are always attached to our wrist, does not make our smartband a more resistant product . The first advice that we can give you from experience is that you quickly buy a screen protector, since they tend to scratch almost with your eyes. Rubbing, or falls are usually more common, and even more so in a product focused on the field of physical activity.

They cause cancer

This myth was encouraged a few years ago by a hoax that ran like wildfire and that the National Police itself had to be in charge of denying it on social networks. The activity bracelet, its sensors and connectivity are in permanent contact with our body, but it is a lie that causes diseases such as cancer or erectile dysfunction, as the manufacturers of hoaxes claim.

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