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Sonic Games

Segaaaa… If you have read it singing, you are a true fan of popular video games by Japanese developers. Sonic has become a global icon thanks to the multitude of games from its franchises, but also from its appearances in other well-known sagas. If you want to remember great moments of your childhood or want to delve into the adventures of the blue porcupine for the first time, you can do so with your iPhone and iPad. In this post we bring you a list of Sonic video games available in the App Store.


  • Sonic Dash, the endless racing game
  • Sonic Forces to compete with friends
  • Sonic Racing, available on Apple Arcade
  • Win gold with Sonic at the Olympics
  • Sonic CD Classic, in the purest retro style
  • Sonic the Hedgehog, two other classic-style games
  • Sonic Jump, jump and you will win

Sonic Dash, the endless racing game

In an endless race format, like so many others in the App Store, you can enjoy Sonic with classic ingredients such as collecting rings or going through loops that will leave you face down. You will also have to dodge the obstacles that appear in your way so as not to lose, also having the possibility of obtaining abilities and powers (temporary or not) with which to extend your career. In the end, the rival in this game is yourself and the record you have set. There is also a second version with other types of scenarios.

Developer: SEGA

Sonic Forces to compete with friends

Very similar in mechanics to the previous one, this title allows you to compete in real time with friends and people from all over the world. You must go running at a devilish speed, obtaining rings and fighting to stay on the rails and platforms without falling or colliding with obstacles. As you will be competing with other people, you will have to pay attention to them, being able to push them to destabilize them and help you in victory.

Developer: SEGA

Sonic Racing, available on Apple Arcade

If you have a subscription to the Apple video game platform, you can download and play this addictive racing game for free. It reminds us in a way of Mario Kart, but with characters from the Sega franchise. You will be able to choose a character, a vehicle, customize it and put your foot on the gas to beat your competitors. The rings, how could it be otherwise, are also present in this title, having to collect them to earn points.

Developer: SEGA

Win gold with Sonic at the Olympics

The porcupine has always been closely related to the most popular sporting event in the world and in the App Store it is also possible to find a game dedicated to this event. You can guide Sonic and his friends to victory in a multitude of modalities, from 100-meter races to swimming or boxing. Everything is for the gold, although always with the sportsmanship that characterizes the Olympic games.

Sonic CD Classic, in the purest retro style

Sega not only offers content on the iOS App Store or on the Apple Arcade platform, but also offers interesting games in the Apple TV application store, as is the case with this title. In it we can find a very retro graphic style that takes us directly to bygone times when Sega consoles were the best-selling in the sector. Also the history of the game travels in time, offering all the classic Sonic games in one place.

Developer: SEGA

Sonic the Hedgehog, two other classic-style games

Available both the first and the second part, these titles also offer the classic adventures of Sonic against the evil Doctor Eggman, having to find the seven emeralds of chaos together with the triple alliance between Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. The hedgehog’s devilish speed is more present than ever, having to overcome different levels in which you must, despite the speed, be careful not to lose the rings that you collect.

Sonic Jump, jump and you will win

Easy, simple and addictive. This is how this fun game is cataloged with a theme centered on jumping through platforms. You will have to climb levels to defeat the always evil Doctor Eggman. You can select multiple characters including Sonic himself, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Knuckles and many others who will have their own abilities. It draws attention for the worlds available and for having the possibility of playing in arcade mode or story mode.

Developer: SEGA

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