Super Nintendo World: Video Presentation of the Nintendo Park

Super Nintendo World

At the end of November we were able to understand the opening date of the Nintendo amusement park, that location where any fan of Mario and the rest of the huge N video games could spend hours and hours. If you’re interested, Miyamoto revealed on video what you’ll discover inside Super Nintendo World.

A really unique Nintendo Direct

The very first Nintendo theme park is now prepared, although it is something that probably will not catch you by surprise due to the fact that for some time we knew that it even had an opening date. Despite the images seen throughout the procedure of style, building and construction, and so on, it is now when we can get a much better concept of what is within and what all those fortunate ones who have the benefit of finding will find. be able to visit it.

In the last Nintendo Direct, it was Shigeru Miyamoto himself, Mario’s own creator as well as Nintendo’s designer and designer, who took a tour of the whole part to show us a few of its peculiarities Those that are not immediately obvious or may go unnoticed by those who do not have much knowledge of the different Mario titles launched throughout all these years.

Super Nintendo World

The very first thing is the entrance that admits to the park, after going through one of the traditional green pipelines you reach the popular space of Princess Peach’s castle where a Super Mario 64 tune plays. From there is when the magic begins reminiscent of that very same experience that is lived when reaching one of the Disney parks and where both the design and the music serve to completely set a place that is very familiar to you.

When you cross and leave the space, you can see the park in all its elegance and … wow, what a riot of colors and components that make you rapidly think that you remain in a Mario video game. The coins spinning, the Goomba, Koopa shells striking from one side to the other, … and yes, also the classic interrogation cubes that are used to get things of all kinds.

On this celebration, these cubes together with other components of the park are interactive for the users through an NFC bracelet that they will carry with them. So it is not only admiring and traveling from one end to the other the park, it is also connecting with it to discover the secrets it hides.

Super Nintendo World

Because there will be, and it is that inside Bowser’s castle, visitors will likewise have the chance to sit in among Mario Kart’s automobiles (although they really are cars of a kind of roller coaster) and use augmented reality glasses where the part top is shaped like Mario’s red cap. What will be translucented those glasses? Well, it is a secret, but it sure is worth it.

In summary, below you have the complete 15- minute video that as a Nintendo fan you ought to not miss out on. Miyamoto is seen taking pleasure in like a dwarf doing this tour of the park. Of course, if after seeing it you believe that the first destination as soon as you can travel normally has this Nintendo park, do not blame us. Due to the fact that we are the same, with long teeth and believing that we need to go.

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