The File Explorer of the Future: 5 New Features to Come

Among the many elements that Windows integrates by default when we install it from scratch, one of the most used is the File Explorer . This, as you know, we use it almost constantly to work with our files and folders on disk drives.

Of course, how could it be otherwise from here we have the possibility to create new content, copy it, move it, delete it, etc. All this in a simple way thanks to the advantages offered by the aforementioned Explorer. But many users want to go a step further in this regard. Moreover, for some time now, a good number of these are requesting Microsoft itself some kind of improvement for this important element.

File Explorer of the Future

One reason for this is that, while other parts of the operating system are constantly evolving, Explorer has become somewhat stagnant. Hence, at the same time, many others end up choosing to use third-party alternatives. There are many programs that perform these same functions, and more, and that adapt perfectly to Windows. Hence, many prefer to use these default software solutions when working with the contents of their hard drives and SSDs .

It is for all this that we are commenting on what a good part of those users who require an advance in this element, would like to see some integrated functions in the near future. Thus, below we will talk about some of these functionalities that most of us would like to see in Windows File Explorer.

Interfaz principal Explorador

The tabs in Explorer

These are elements that over time have become more than popular in Internet browsers. In this way, thanks to the tabs, we have the possibility to visit several websites from a single window. This is something that would be extremely useful in Windows Explorer, what’s more, it is something that has already been speculated on more than one occasion through the so-called Sets function.

Use multiple panels

It would also be nice to be able to customize several different panels in terms of number, position and size, for example. This would allow us to work on several disk locations and drives simultaneously and from a single window.

A more advanced search system

On the other hand, it would not hurt to be able to enjoy a more advanced search system within disk units from here. This should include a series of filters to be able to add to the process as such and thus limit a little more the location of specific content . All not to mention that this was as optimal as possible in terms of the speed with which these files and folders are located.

A built-in command function

More advanced Windows users often use elements such as CMD or PowerShell to deal with files and folders. Therefore, sometimes a function of this type implemented in the Explorer itself would be of great help to carry out more advanced tasks with the contents of the disk units.

CMD activar máximo rendimiento

A more current design

And finally, it would not hurt an update in the current design of this element, not only at a functional level. In this way, the File Explorer included in Windows would look more in line with other programs than we can find in the operating system itself. Here we refer to UWP programs such as Mail , Translator, Calculator, etc.

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