The Importance of Making a Backup When Changing the Mobile Battery

The battery of our smartphones is one of the most sensitive elements of the hardware. There are many elements that can influence its useful life, although if we are going to spend a long time with our terminal, sooner or later they will all need a replacement. The great question of many users and that plagues specialized forums, is whether or not it is necessary to make a backup when the battery is going to be changed.

A few years ago, replacing the battery was as simple as buying a new one and replacing it with the old one by removing the back cover. Since this option is somewhat testimonial and limited only to some entry-level terminals, changing the battery is generally reserved for specialized technicians. This involves opening the phone and disconnecting many internal elements, something that was not necessary before, with a much less incisive replacement. Therefore, there was less chance of damaging other hardware components during the process.

It is not necessary, but it is recommended

This, like any visit to the Technical Service, raises the question whether it is necessary to make a backup before the damaged battery is replaced. The answer from a technical point of view is no. There is nothing in the process of replacing the battery (as long as it is done correctly) that will erase our data and therefore, we lose all our personal content including photos, videos or installed apps.

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However, the professional technicians consulted by this means do recommend or advise, to make a backup before sending the phone to change the battery . This means that if everything on your mobile is important, you should make a backup copy, although in principle, the memory of your phone will not be restored. If what you have on your mobile is not relevant or you have little information, perhaps you can skip this step.

Most technical services cover hardware damage that may occur during repair. That is, if by chance, the internal memory module is damaged during the replacement of the battery, the center can provide us with another module for free, but the data contained in the old one could have been lost forever . This is the main answer, because it is not strictly necessary, but it is advisable to make a backup of our data before any repair, whatever the nature, even before an innocent battery change.

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