The New Optical Zoom that Could Arrive in the iPhone 13

The zoom has become one more element by which the different manufacturers continually try to outperform their rivals. The capacity of some high-end terminals has reached a level, that many include specific modes to photograph the moon with zoom, astrophotography modes and other elements to achieve that the zoom can go where the human eye cannot.

While on Android, the battle proceeds at a different pace, and brands already offer powerful optical zoom capabilities, with magnification possibilities of up to 100x, Apple continues its steady pace but slowly. This means that the iPhone have not reached the zoom levels of the large high-end Android terminals, but there is no doubt that Apple is on the way to fight . At least that’s what the new Cupertino patent reveals, discovered by Patently Apple, and published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

iphone 12 pro camaras

A system with more zoom

Apple’s new system could be a simple idea or be included in the production of the next iPhone. What seems clear is that Apple’s concern to improve the zoom capabilities of their mobiles is real and what they are actively working on. According to the design of the patent, we are facing a new optical system made up of folded prisms and mirrors. It includes four or five element lenses with retroactive power. This optical system has a 35mm equivalent focal length within a range of 85-160mm.

patente apple zoom

Within the great documentation of the patent and the details revealed by Apple, a 5x or 6x zoom capacity is also referenced , so Apple no longer considers this capacity to be far-fetched, something from which the next generations will benefit. iPhone. It must be taken into account that a periscope camera already sounded strongly in its day for the iPhone 11. As always, Apple’s strategy for launching the technology in two assumptions that must go together: that it is sufficiently debugged, and that it really is something that improves the user experience or that they believe is of real use.

All eyes are on the next iPhone 13. Apart from this patent, different market analysts have affirmed that it will be the iPhone of 2022 that will offer a 10x optical zoom with a periscope telephoto camera


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