The Realme Watch 2 and Realme Watch 2 Pro Appear in Realme Link

We can consider Realme almost a newborn in the market, comparing it with its more classic rivals. However, this has not prevented it from gaining a foothold in the market and its popularity growing day by day. Reame made it clear a long time ago, their objective is to grow an entire ecosystem of connected products that will go hand in hand with their terminals. In this way we saw the birth of the Realme Band and the first Realme Watch.

Realme did not stop there and shortly after we met the Realme Watch S and Realme Watch S Pro. These two variants have been improvements of the original watch, but only the “S” version has reached our market at the moment. Now, the existence of the Realme Watch 2 and Realme Watch 2 Pro has been revealed, which could be presented soon.

Inside Realme Link

Shelling out the source code of various apps or even the companies’ websites, is often used to reveal products not presented and put us on the trail of what is to come. On this occasion it was the leaker The Tech Guy, who has revealed the existence of these two new smartwatches, by discovering them within the source code of the Realme Link application. Let’s remember that this is the software necessary to record all the activity and connect various devices of the Realme IoT ecosystem.

realme watch 2 codigo realme link

Although the information does not reveal its technical features, Realme is already preparing the compatibility of both devices with its application. Recall that it is the Realme Watch S Pro, which so far offers the most advanced features, since unlike all its siblings, it has an integrated dual satellite GPS and blood oxygen monitor. As we said, the code does not yet reveal technical characteristics, so beyond the confirmation of its existence, for the moment it is only possible to speculate on its possible benefits.

Let the competition continue

Realme has much more way to go in India, a market where these two new smartwatches are expected to be presented . However, at least one of the two variants is expected to land on our market. We saw how the original Realme Watch arrived in Spain at a groundbreaking price of 55 euros, while the more advanced Realme Watch S has an official price of 80 euros. As happened with the Realme Band, the company will continue to try to make a dent in the smartwatch market, fighting against Xiaomi, its Mi Band and Amazfit watches.


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