The Samsung Galaxy S2 is Updated to Android 11. How?

Today we are immersed in a curious duality. On the one hand we have all those smartphones that barely receive an operating system update and “die” and, on the other, “the promise of Google and Qualcomm to bring up to 4 years of updates to the phones of the future.

The issue of Android reviews for our phones has always generated quite a controversy as many users do not understand how “apparently” new phones take so long to receive an update or not even receive it. This is something that grows more and more every day, especially when seeing how some developers are able to bring a version as new as Android 11 to a mobile as old as the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is Updated to Android 11

Android 11 for the Samsung Galaxy S2 from 2011

Can the Samsung Galaxy S2, a smartphone launched in stores back in the distant 2011, boast Android 11 in the middle of 2020? On paper, it would seem impossible but for the guys at XDA Developers it seems that this is a forbidden word.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S2 is pending its 10th birthday in 2021, this Android mobile still holds a special place in the hearts of Android fans and modders. Thanks, precisely to one of them, the old Samsung smartphone travels to the future and can test some of the novelties of Android 11. Where is the catch?

Samsung Galaxy S2

As expected, we are not talking about an official version of the operating system but rather an alpha version of the popular LineageOS custom ROM. Specifically, we are talking about its version 18, based on Android 11 , which is now compatible thanks to a series of modifications with the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Although it is a layer with some other flaws, it is surprising that the smartphone maintains most of the essential features, such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, or the camera app, which does not seem to have any problem. However, it is not an operating system designed to be used daily because although, for example, we can make calls, it is impossible to receive them.

These ROMs appear on the market more with a clear idea of demonstrating the modding capabilities of the developers than as a functional operating system. After all, few users today have a Samsung Galaxy S2 tucked away in a drawer and want to make it their everyday phone.

And you, if you had to bring an old smartphone back to life, which one would you choose from among the great classics of mobile telephony?

Source>XDA Developers

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