Tricks to Make the Internet Go Faster in Windows 10

At the minute we access the Internet from a wide range of gadgets, whether for something or another. Hence, depending upon the kind of use of a specific product, its use of the connection varies. Obviously, computer systems based upon a Windows operating system were not going to be less.

In our teams at this time we can perform all sort of jobs connected to the online world. From playing games to something as basic as visiting websites, making video conferences, working in the cloud, and so on. We need to likewise bear in mind that for all this the connections we have are going to play a vital function in the majority of the senses, but not in all.

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What we mean by this is that at the very same time, in addition to the connection as such or its type, other elements enter into play here. In the very first place, how could it be otherwise, we must consider what the team is as such, but not just that. At the same time we should know how to configure it, in addition to utilizing that connection that we are speaking about in the best possible method. With all this, what we actually accomplish is that we can access the Internet in a much more fluid and faster way.

This is something that, how could it be otherwise, we can also benefit from on the Windows 10 PC, as we will see below. That is why in these very same lines we will discuss how to make the Internet go quicker on our Windows 10- based computer

Usage cable rather of WiFi

Whenever possible and if the equipment permits it, a lot of have the pertinent port, we need to link the Windows PC to the router through cable television instead of by means of WiFi It is true that this second method is more comfy, but we will observe a performance increase when utilizing the cable television through an Ethernet port. Naturally, as long as this is physically possible.

Bring the router better to the PC with Windows 10 if we use WiFi

If we have no option but to use the WiFi wireless connection for these jobs, we also recommend that you bring the Windows computer system as close as possible to the router. At the same time, it is preferable that there are no walls or aspects that can develop interference. If we prosper, we will likewise notice that the Internet efficiency on the Redmond system is much smoother.

Configure other DNS

Keep in mind that the DNS server that we have actually set up in Windows what it does is translate the names of the webs in the browser to IP addresses to connect. Precisely the significance of configuring a great DNS server, because this method we get speed in terms of access time to these sites. That is why we can alter the DNS that are developed by default to choose faster ones.

DNS seguridad parental

Picking the best web internet browser

Another action that we can take in this very same sense is to choose a lighter internet browser or one that at least matches our needs better. As a general rule, we constantly choose Chrome, Firefox or Edge, however there are many other lighter options and more fluid loading.

Close programs that we do not use and take in bandwidth

In addition, although it may be a bit apparent, it is a good idea to close all those applications that use bandwidth but that we are not using. In this way Windows itself appoints more width to what actually intrigues us, therefore acquiring in connection speed.

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