Update Your Mobile: Reasons to Always Install the New Versions

Different manufacturers can launch lots of updates for a single mobile model, if we take into consideration os updates, security spots and different intermediate updates that can remedy some errors. There are couple of smart device users who barely give value to the update notifications that look like a pop-up notification. Why is it so essential to keep up with updates?

Update Your Mobile

In the beginning glance, our mobile works the same, whether or not we pay attention to the message to upgrade. It prevails for those most smart with innovation to toss their hands at their heads when they touch the mobile of a good friend or relative, and find that it has a crucial pending upgrade. This is not something we must disregard, as there are essential issues that develop every software application upgrade. We are going to examine the most essential ones and why we ought to not overlook them.

Security improvements

This is undoubtedly the most important and the one that should encourage us to be vigilant and upgrade every time our mobile alerts. A number of these updates consist of security patches that sometimes appropriate critical vulnerabilities in our mobile. When we state criticism, we refer to possible security holes that might leave our phones at the mercy of cybercriminals. Android security patches are month-to-month or quarterly on many gadgets. Whatever the duration, we need to not overlook it. In addition, we may receive security updates from the manufacturer itself, which has spotted security flaws, for example, in its own applications.

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News that you can not miss out on

Another strong argument for not leaving pending updates are the news that we can receive on our mobile. It needs to be kept in mind that often times a terminal is not totally mature on the market, and has a lot of room for improvement. Software engineers work to make cams improve their performance, or the total speed of the system. In addition, we can get complete os updates, which include a lot more news and improvements. Having a mobile with a pending notice of an os update and neglecting it is a “criminal activity” for your mobile.

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Error correction

If the above is insufficient to convince you, remember that a a great deal of updates correct bugs that were left in the pipeline when the mobile went on the market. The mobile is slow, the GPS does not work well or the Wi-Fi disconnects often? It is most likely that the manufacturer has dealt with correcting these problems, however it will be useless if the upgrade is pending in the alert bar. Inspecting if we have pending updates to the system to resolve errors, is among the suggestions that we make the most on our site every time we speak about the failures in a certain mobile.

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Exist drawbacks?

After all of the above, we must respond to with a definite no, however the fact is that the truth is various. There is a clear and extremely frequent case, in which rapidly upgrading our mobile is associated with spoiling what previously worked correctly. This takes place above all, when manufacturers release a new variation of the os. It is a stable version, by updating at the moment, we run the risk of being the first to experience bugs that may still be pending. We have seen this in 100% of the makers on the marketplace. For this reason, some users prefer to wait at least a few weeks before upgrading, to steer clear of these prospective glitches and let the brand-new variation mature.

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