USB Gaming Controllers for the PC with the Best Value for Money

Today we can find a lot of models of gaming keyboards and mice that allow us to enjoy our favorite titles on the PC. However, more and more people prefer to use a controller for certain games. Next, we are going to show you some of the best USB gaming controllers for PC.

The truth is that playing on the computer is usually associated with the use of the keyboard and mouse itself. Even in many games it can be an advantage over those who play with a controller. However, in certain titles or for certain players, it may be more comfortable to use a gaming controller.

USB Gaming Controllers for the PC

If you are thinking of buying a controller to play your favorite titles from your PC, then there are certain aspects that you should take into account when choosing one model or another. One of the things that we must look at is whether it is a controller compatible only with the computer or it is also compatible with one of the most popular game consoles. In this case, if we have a game console, we can look for a controller that is compatible with both devices, so we can get more out of it.

Another detail to take into account when buying a gaming controller for the PC is whether we want it to be wireless or wired. A wireless controller offers greater comfort and freedom of use, however, we may encounter certain connectivity problems on certain occasions. The wired controls offer less freedom of movement, but we will avoid this type of problem. In this case, we are going to focus on controllers with a USB cable to connect them to our PC.

The budget we have is undoubtedly another handicap when choosing one model or another. In the following list, we are going to show some of the models with the best price to enjoy your favorite titles from the computer.

Gaming controllers for PC with the best value for money

Logitech F310

Logitech is one of the reference manufacturers in all types of peripherals. This gamepad is PC compatible, has a 1.8 m long USB cable to be able to operate the controller freely and is very easy to configure. It has a usual distribution of the buttons and a weight of 299 grams.


This Nacon model is a gaming controller with USB cable for connection with the PC and compatible with the latest versions of the Windows operating system. It has two vibration motors and is compatible with all PC games. It is available on Amazon in different colors.


Model with a very ergonomic design, with dual vibration function and compatible with the most modern versions of the Microsoft operating system and other platforms. It offers high sensitivity, easy-press buttons, and fast response for the best possible gaming experience. The USB cable is 2.2 meters long, allowing us to play games on the PC with complete freedom of movement.


Gaming controller with USB cable that offers great compatibility, therefore, we can use it both on our PC and in game consoles or even to play on the mobile. It has a built-in dual vibration asymmetric somatosensory motor that also allows the intensity of the vibration to be regulated at up to five different levels. It has an ergonomic design to be able to handle it with total ease, even when we spend many hours in front of the computer playing.

EasySMX SL-9111-B

This USB gaming controller for PC by EasySMX has four programmable buttons on the bottom to control some games much better. It offers great compatibility with different operating systems, Windows, Android, TV Box, Nintendo Switch, etc. It allows the regulation of the intensity of the vibration and has LED lights with five different speeds on the buttons of the control and right joystick.

EasySMX ESM-9100

Another model from the same manufacturers is this ESM-9100 controller, a wired gamepad with a USB cable of about 2 meters in length to have total freedom of movement and with turbo and trigger double vibration buttons. It is compatible with Windows, Android and PS3, the vibration motors are in the side grips of the controller, it has a very ergonomic design and a quite striking camouflage finish.

Rii GP500

Gaming controller with USB cable for PC, dual joystick and asymmetric vibration compatible with most versions of Windows and other platforms. It features ergonomic design with non-slip surface, four-axis positioning technology with eight-direction disc cross-direction keypad. It has a USB cable for PC, but it is not compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Mac OS.

Diswoe ET1901

Diswoe controller with the same format as the Xbox 360 also compatible with PC for the latest versions of the Windows operating system. Comfortable and ergonomic design, it has a double vibration motor that provides a lot of different types of vibrations depending on the scene and the game and a USB cable between 1.6 and 1.7 meters long so that we can play comfortably in front of the computer with total freedom.


Controller from the manufacturer QUMOX with a fairly light design and very similar to that of PS3. It has a dual vibration motor, 15 buttons and two joysticks. It has a USB cable to connect with the PC and enjoy our favorite games to the fullest at a very affordable price.

Hope EG102

Also with a design similar to that of PS3 we find this one from the manufacturer Esperanza. A gaming controller with USB cable for PC and compatible with PS3, twelve buttons, vibration functions, comfortable and light design, it only weighs 213 grams. In addition, it is the cheapest on this list with a price of only 9.91 euros, ideal if children are those who play on the computer normally.

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