VLC 3.0.12 – Solution to Vulnerabilities to Run Malware

VLC Media Gamer is among the most secondhand multimedia gamers in the world, one of the necessary programs on any PC. With it we can replicate virtually any video in any format on our computer system without having any issue with the codecs. Such a popular program is certainly a very intriguing target for hackers. For this factor, when there is a brand-new version of it, it is essential to install it as soon as possible, specifically if it gets here filled with corrections as it happens with 3.0.12

A few hours back, VideoLAN, accountable for this gamer, launched this brand-new variation for all Windows, macOS and Linux users. Despite being a minor upgrade, this one has come with a large number of changes, enhancements and, above all, security repairs. An update that we need to set up as soon as possible.

VLC 3.0.12 - Solution to Vulnerabilities

Changes in VLC Media Gamer 3.0.12

The brand-new VLC has focused on remedying a series of bugs in this program with which to improve the user experience of all users. These faults were found throughout much of the elements that make up this program, for example, in the decoding modules, the audio and video outputs and in the interface itself.

A Few Of the most intriguing modifications that we discover in the program are:

  • New RIST access module.
  • Service to sound distortion.
  • Much more steady Direct3D11 playback.
  • Visual improvements in macOS.
  • Upgraded translations.
  • Enhanced YouTube script.

Finally, indicate that this version has currently been prepared to deal with macOS ARM processors.

Security fixes

This new version of the VLC gamer focuses, above all, on fixing a series of vulnerabilities reported by the NSFOCUS security group The two types of security flaws that we will find are, on the one hand, buffer overflow, and on the other hand, elimination of invalid references. In both cases, these failures can cause the gamer to crash while we are using it, or the ability to perform remote code on the system.

In order to make the most of these security defects, an assailant must develop a specially created video file and trick the victim into running it with this program. More than likely, all crashes will crash the player, however there is a little opportunity that code execution may happen.

At the minute no exploits have been discovered in the network that make the most of these flaws, although it is not totally ruled out that they might have been utilized.

Download or update

This brand-new version of the open source media gamer is now available to all users. We can download it, totally free of charge, from its primary site The program, of course, sets up without any adware or undesirable software.

If we already have the program set up on the computer, we will see a caution with this brand-new version the next time we open it. And, from this notification, we can proceed to upgrade the player.

VLC 3.0.12

We can also utilize the “Help” menu to check for brand-new updates to this software application.

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