Vovalex: the First Ransomware Written in D and Affecting Windows

We are used to seeing many ranges of malware that can jeopardize the security of users. In this post we echo a new one. It has to do with Vovalex and it has some peculiarities. It can be dispersed through software that masquerades as Windows energies. We are going to give some suggestions to avoid being victims of these kinds of hazards.

Vovalex, the new ransomware that affects Windows

As we know, the ransomware aims to encrypt the files or systems of the victims. In this way you can ask for a financial rescue in exchange for releasing them and thus acquire a revenue. With time they have actually been perfected and each time they have newer methods to reach the victim.


This time it’s about Vovalex. According to the security scientists who found it, it could be the first ransomware written in D. It is distributed through software application that masquerades as Windows energies, programs that can improve performance. An example is CCleaner.

It must be noted that the D language makes use of others, generally C , with some additions that offer greater functionality. Vovalex, according to the researchers behind its discovery, would be the first ransomware written in this language. It was first discovered by MalwareHunterTeam

This danger runs as if it were a legitimate installer. For example from the CCleaner program, as we mentioned earlier. It will then be copied to the system and will begin to secure files on the drive and add the vovalex extension to all of them.

Once it has finished its procedure, and as usual in malware of this type, it adds a ransom note on the Windows Desktop that will be called README.VOVALEX.txt A simple text file where it informs the victim of how to gain back control of the files. At the moment it is unidentified if there is a tool to decrypt the declare complimentary.

Vovalex is distributed primarily through pirated software. Complimentary programs that users discover on the Web, files to bypass the password, etc. It masquerades as energies that users can install on Windows.

How to avoid becoming a victim of Vovalex

It is essential to consider certain ideas to prevent being victims of Vovalex, although we could also use them to protect ourselves from any other comparable hazard that could endanger us and compromise our systems.

The very first is good sense We have actually seen that Vovalex gets here on our computer system after having actually downloaded some pirated program for Windows. Something we must bear in mind is the significance of avoiding this type of pirated software that we can download from invalid sites. They could contain harmful software application, such as this ransomware. We must also pay attention to possible accessories that reach us by email.

On the other hand, having an excellent antivirus can assist us. There are many dangers that exist on the network and this type of security software assists us avoid issues. No matter what os we use, we need to always have security tools.

Also, another crucial tip is to keep your devices up to date Much of these hazards benefit from existing vulnerabilities. We can correct them with spots and updates that are constantly available. You can see a complete tutorial with suggestions against ransomware.

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