What is Known about the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 by Rumors and Leaks

During 2020 we have seen numerous Xiaomi phones jump onto the scene, however there is one that a lot of us have missed out on, we are referring to the forgotten Mi Note 11 design With the discussion of the Xiaomi Mi 11 it appears that we can definitely say goodbye to understanding a model that in 2019 triggered a furor for providing photographic equipment and an impressive battery.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11

After lots of reports and leaks about the possibility of seeing the Mi Note 11 during the summer or even in September, whatever has actually seemed to be a joke in bad taste by those who anticipated it. In lots of markets and among them Spain, the Mi Note 10 in its base variation and also in the Pro version received fantastic assistance and interest, which is why it becomes more strange that we do not know anything about the successor.

The follower of the Xiaomi Mi Keep In Mind 11 in doubt

The little or no details about the Mi CC10 design, which was called to be Xiaomi’s Mi Note 11 in China, leaves us with our arms crossed. Without this model, we will not be able to see the Mi Note 11 in Spain and the rest of the world, considering that Xiaomi has actually formerly revealed us how the Mi CC9 lastly became the Mi Note 10 that we all know.

Mi Note 10 colores

The leaks that we had actually understood up until the summertime of 2020 spoke of a Snapdragon 775 G processor, 12 X optical zoom and 120 X digital zoom. This could continue to be an option with the entry of 2021, although competing straight with other Xiaomi models, something that we have actually currently seen lot of times that is not a problem for the firm.

Hold-ups and problems due to the pandemic

There is no main declaration that lets us understand for sure that it was not released for this factor, although some specialized media have made mention of this. It appears not likely that with all the launches made this year, the one sacrificed has actually been the follower of the Mi Note 10 due to logistics issues. The hold-up could be a factor, although on purpose and not due to the global pandemic.

Mi Note series is ordered as it needs to

Considering that the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, many have actually tossed their hands in their heads because of the complex disorder that Xiaomi was causing in terms of its varieties and series of mobiles. In this year 2020 we have been able to see that they have actually attempted to make some sense of the launches and although some things squeak to us, everything seems to have actually taken a different course, at least in Spain.

Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

The choice that takes the most force and for which there could be an empty year for Mi Note is this reason, thinking about providing the Mi Note 11 after fulfilling the Xiaomi Mi11 This can take us to the very first months of the year or once again until summer, with the objective that the Xiaomi mobile portfolio is not a real chaos. We will continue to monitor leakages and news to see if the Mi Note 11 becomes a reality in 2021.

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