What to Do When Your Smartphone Battery Does Not Fully Charge?

One of the main problems we face when our smartphone has already been used for a while is that its battery begins to fail. But today we are not talking about not charging or that its autonomy is considerably reduced, but that the charge is unable to complete 100%.

First of all it is appropriate to point out that the battery percentage indicators of current phones are not 100% true, never better. When you charge a phone 100 percent, you actually have less battery life than you think.

However, as we like to see the round number, both Google and Apple explain very clearly in their instructions for use why a battery does not reach a full charge level. When the battery does not reach 100% charge it is usually because it is getting too hot. To extend battery life, if it gets too hot, the software may limit the charge above 80 percent. In these cases, the normal thing is that, when the temperature drops, the load returns to a normal level.

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Solutions to the battery problem

Today’s lithium-ion batteries are prone to overheating, which can potentially set off a dangerous chain reaction. These components wear out slowly with each full charge after approximately 300-500 power cycles. For this reason, the battery does not usually last the same when the mobile is new than with two years of use.

When the phone has a true ” full charge “, the battery indicator could show between 90 and 95 percent or so and not exceeding this figure will extend the life of the battery.

If still Asia, you want to see 100% shining again in the corner of your screen, follow these tips:

Are the cable and charger working properly?

Many times we think that the battery problem occurs in the very component that we have housed inside the phone but experience tells us that in most cases the fault is in the cable and the charger. Try exchanging them with others that work well on other devices and check if your mobile now reaches 100% power.

Calibrate the battery

Nowadays, calibrating the battery does not do much in today’s batteries, but at least it is a way of trying to get the cell to reach its highest percentage.

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If you want to do it, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Connect the mobile to the charger until it is fully charged and wait a few more minutes
  2. When it is completely unplugged and use it until the battery is completely discharged and the smartphone turns off.
  3. Leave the mobile without a charge for 5-6 hours (you can take advantage of one night) so that any type of residual charge is eliminated.
  4. After waiting, fully charge the battery again and see if it reaches the maximum level.

Use Battery Life Extender

Ultimately we can resort to tools such as the Battery Life Extender app, software that optimizes the battery charge level depending on the environment of use. Of course, this application does not extend the autonomy of the phones without simply boosting the charging process to an optimal level

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