When Will Manufacturers Stop Launching Mobiles with Notch on the Screen

Much has been debated around the famous notch. This kind of notch that many smartphones still integrate today, is destined to disappear, since the future passes through all the technology that it integrates ends up under the screen of smartphones. Will 2021 be the final year to bury this type of design?

The notch or “eyebrow” has appeared in different disguises for years. They started out spanning a large area on top of the terminals, and have ended up as a small notch that wants, but can’t, go unnoticed. It is almost banished in the current high-end Android, but it is not completely dead, thanks in part to Apple, which continues to bet on its integration and the vast majority of entry-level Android phones.

Why doesn’t the notch go away?

The main objective of the notch is to house the front sensor, minimizing the frames to offer a design as close as possible in terms of screen / frames. Android manufacturers have enough to house only the front sensor, but as we say, Apple continues to take advantage of the eyebrow to include the selfie camera and different sensors such as proximity or ambient light.

p smart plus notch

The point is that the notch still does not disappear, despite the fact that its extinction could be very close, at least on Android. For this, the hidden camera technology under the screen must flourish, and be launched on more devices, finally eliminating the obstacles that the notch itself or the hole in the screen suppose, for the full-screen experience. However, we will continue to see notch in case this technology does not finish flourishing, and we know that it should not be an easy task.

A Déjà vu that smells of 2018

Something that has made us scratch our heads is that we have recently seen patents that recover the notch in some terminals or change it in different parts of the screen. . We have seen it in a new version of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha and other terminals. However, the most striking thing has come to light today, when we have seen how a new live terminal, which is yet to be presented, will again show a front notch as if time had not passed.

Vivo-S7t 5g

New vivo mobile for 2021 with notch

This device is the S7t 5G, which will be presented soon, and which will be out of the ordinary, by putting in the hands of users a 5G terminal with features from 2021, but with a notch, reminiscent of the times of the Huawei Mate 20 Lite 2018. The year is about to start and we still have to see many bets in this regard, the truth is that its final end, has no glimpse of occurring this year.

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