Will the New HarmonyOS System Be a Copy of Android with EMUI

The arrival of Huawei’s new os appeared a genuine work of engineering for having actually handled to develop it in record time, although after travelling through the hands of Ars Technica, it has actually been concluded that it would actually be a mere copy of Android based at AOSP We are still far from having the ability to evaluate HarmonyOS in Spain, but this prepares for a truth.

Although there are already approaches to install HarmonyOS on some Huawei smart devices such as the Huawei P40 and Mate 30, in the meantime it is just possible in Chinese and with some first variations in English. If we attempt we can see how generally in aesthetics everything remains the same, given that EMUI would continue to have an excellent existence in the mobile phone, also in functionality.

HarmonyOS code is more than Android based

When asking about the “Huawei running system” they have found that generally everything is the same as what we can see in a Huawei smartphone with Android today. As Ron Amadeo himself, from Ars Technica remarks, it is a series of codes added to what we know as AOSP. The Android code is the primary part of the structure and the fork that Huawei has actually established to enliven this system, leaves numerous spaces.

HarmonyOS Android

Navigating through the system itself we discover many hints, beyond the visual area where EMUI 11 will have latest thing. Among the system apps we find all the terms connected to Android, both those that involve the system, backup copies, in addition to when it comes to sharing files and connection. What we will not see will be Google services, which can trigger that when trying to install them it will be difficult or a minimum of more difficult.

In the procedure of installing applications from AppGallery, they have also discovered a code that essentially finds the smartphone as an Android 10 mobile phone. The designer concludes with the declarations stating that there is virtually no notable distinction in between what is HarmonyOS and Android.

A copy, however an effective copy

Offered the circumstance that Huawei discovers itself in, triggered by the war between Huawei and the United States, we comprehend that the brand itself needed to leave problem as quickly as possible. This led him to skip the initial steps, those that really give life to an os such as Google is finishing with Fuchsia OS, which is what has actually now been revealed.

Harmony OS

With the passage of time and the arrival of HarmonyOS in other countries such as Spain, it is expected that some of the terms connected to Android will be eliminated and although based on Android AOSP, we will find a greater distinction. We will see if this development continues to advance so that in the future Huawei can genuinely state that it has its own operating system, which for now it is not.

Source > Ars Technica

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