Windows Voice Launcher Will Improve System Searches

Windows 10 is an operating system full of useful functions that make our daily work with the PC easier. But of course, how could it be otherwise, at the same time it does not stop launching new ones and improving the existing ones based on the updates it sends.

Keep in mind that due to the widespread use of this software around the world, around 1 billion computers, this is something that Redmond takes great care of. We refer to the constant updates that the firm sends to its users. Well, we tell you all this because among the many Windows functions, one that is being worked on a lot is in the search one. Therefore, the Redmond want it to be as useful as well as effective and functional as possible.

Windows Voice Launcher

In fact, they are currently testing a new feature called a voice launcher. As you can imagine, this function could improve the way we interact with applications and files in Windows . At the same time this will substantially improve the search experience by enhancing the use of the search box, searches in Settings, in File Explorer , etc.

búsqueda por voz

Microsoft improves the use of voice in Windows 10

Last September Microsoft began testing a new and improved version of the system’s built-in keyboard or touch. This now comes with a new emoji picker and another feature called Windows Voice Typing. Well, say that this second functionality will now also be used in the File Explorer search box, in Settings and in the Start menu.

It’s actually a new experimental voice typing feature that appears automatically. We will see this anywhere in the operating system where there is a text field with the Windows search API. At the same time we can access the same voice typing function with the Narrator shortcut, that is, Win + H.

Narrador Windows

At the same time, this new launcher to use the voice comes with a more modern design and optimized for Windows 10. We can also pause the voice dictation or activate a function that automatically adds punctuation marks. Here we refer to elements such as periods, commas, question marks, etc. Of course, at the moment it is only being tested in some countries and in some languages. Among these we find English, French , Portuguese, German, Spanish , Italian, Chinese or Japanese.

In addition, the software developer wants users to contribute their own experiences by voice in order to offer a more accurate experience for all those who speak the same language. So when this reaches the world, Windows searches, among other things, could see a significant functional improvement . You also have to know that the voice samples we use will be reviewed by Microsoft itself, but our voice will not be linked to the account and the parts with personal information will be deleted, argues the technology giant.

At the same time, it is also important to know that all this is still in testing and that we can always disable the functionality from Settings.

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