WinUI – How the Dark Theme of Windows 10 Sun Valley Will Change

Dark mode is something that a lot of us like. Whether on our preferred site, on the cellphone or in the os, this setup permits us to change the classic colors, light and white, for other darker tones. This mode is generally used during the night, or when we remain in front of screens with little light, because they help us relax our eyes. Windows 10 has, for numerous versions, its own dark style. Although the fact is that it leaves a lot to be preferred, it is the worst of all. This is going to change extremely soon.

Windows 10 dark theme is inconsistent. This implies that, today, when we activate this mode there are aspects of the system (such as the search box) on which the brand-new appearance does not use. The very same is true for other aspects of the system, such as context menus, pop-up menus, property windows, etc. In addition, the color pattern of this Windows mode is too dark, and, contrary to what occurs with the dark mode of, for instance, macOS, Windows is ugly, required.

Dark Theme of Windows 10 Sun Valley

WinUI will specify the brand-new dark mode of Windows 10

WinUI is a set of rules, created by Microsoft, with which to specify the basic appearance of the os and of all the programs that we have installed in it. Broadly speaking, the primary qualities of this standard are to prioritize performance and provide the user control over the customization of appearance.

Bit by bit, this brand-new standard is significantly incorporated into the operating system. And now, with the launch of Sun Valley already in mind, Microsoft is beginning to explore various variations of its dark mode in order to produce a unified appearance.

The first thing we will see will be how this dark mode totally reaches all elements of the operating system. Beginning with the contextual menus that appear when you right-click on any element of the os. In addition to being dark, these brand-new menus will likewise lastly have rounded corners as part of the brand-new Fluent Style.

Menú contextual oscuro Sun Valley

WinUI will seek to attain a much higher balance in the default colors of the dark style, bringing them to all products on the desktop, to all programs and, lastly, using the dark mode that users should have and expect.

When will it show up

At the minute, these changes in the dark mode remain in the screening phase. Just Windows 10 Expert users who are currently testing Sun Valley builds (the DEV channel) can begin to see the very first indications of the modifications. Sun Valley will not reach users until well into the fall of 2021, so there is still time to have everything between us.

What can take place is that Microsoft takes advantage of the release of the 2021 spring upgrade, Windows 10 21 H1, to check the brand-new dark contrasts in some components of the system, such as the online search engine.

For now, Microsoft has actually not made any declarations about its strategies and intentions, so we will have to wait longer to see how this dark mode searches in the end.

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